5. Delegating your ADA
Here you'll learn how to delegate your funds to a stake pool, from both Daedalus and Yoroi.
When you delegate your funds, these remain in your full control. Cardano also has no lock-in period.
Your first delegation will incur a (refundable) delegation fee. Should you delegate your funds to a different pool, your operation will only incur a small transaction fee (non refundable).

Delegating from Daedalus

Navigate to (1) the Delegation Centre and choose (2) Stake Pools:
Search for the pool you wish to delegate to and select "Delegate to this pool":
In the following dialogue, select the wallet to delegate from:
You will now be prompted to enter your spending password to confirm delegation preferences:
It is recommended to change your spending password every time you use it.
Once delegation is successful you should see this dialogue box:

Delegating from Yoroi

From the "Delegation List" tab, 1) search for your selected stake pool and 2) click "DELEGATE":
Next, confirm the transaction. You will be asked to enter your spending password:
We recommend changing your spending password each time you use it.
Once delegation is successful you should see this dialogue box:


Your ADA is now delegated to a stake pool
: you are actively securing Cardano, while earning ADA rewards!
Please note that, like your delegation preferences, staking rewards are paid out to you after 2 Epochs have passed since rewards were calculated.
Monitor the performance of your stake pool of choice: if a pool does not mint any new blocks in an Epoch, neither you nor the stake pool operator will earn rewards.
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